a dawning of individual web design

Crunchy Owl is a small web design and development shop. I help solve problems by crafting right-sized digital solutions.

Web Development

I deliver quality code with an eye towards standards compliance and industry best practices. Responsive design principles extend from time-honored standards compliance and progressive enhancement. Sign me up for some of that! In a world of cut and paste snippets, WYSIWYG editors, and tight timelines, some of us still write code by hand, testing diligently and with little regard for sunrise.

UX / Design

Communicate effective messages to your audience. Crafting a functional product often starts with a deep dive into your needs and the needs of your users. From this input, Crunchy Owl can dial in and iterate quickly on a solution. Let's not forget to make it strikingly beautiful too.

Performance Optimization

Speed matters, but performance is more than that. Performance is content meets execution, and I can help you push your codebase further, directly equating to more engagement. Understanding delivery options is key to an inclusive experience. Push the limits of deployment and send what matters most.

Content Strategy

With a proper content strategy, your message has a broader voice in the community, has more impact, and builds your brand. Creating reusable content to leverage social media is a must in today's environment. I fit right-sized solutions to the right requirements, offering full-stack solutions when necessary, or a handcrafted microsite when the need arises.

Selected Work

Crunchy Owl transformed OnwardPath's content and social media strategy, while delivering a modern web presence that lends instant legitimacy to the young company.
Mexico Journey

We worked with a local author to launch a companion website for his book launch, that now serves as a lightweight blog and portal to purchase a copy — perfectly suited to the no-fuss needs of the client.

The personal site of Crunchy Owl designer/developer, Brian Muenzenmeyer. Here, I write about design, development, and being a new parent.

From the Fountain Pen

Performance Checklist

Taking lessons learned from the previous round of performance work on, I've put together a short list on github of steps and resources to consider when optimizing websites. Check it out here:…

Improving performance on

Inspired by Dave Rupert's RWD Bloat series, I took an inward glance at Dave thoroughly addresses the theory that responsive web design is the harbinger of performance doom. I have a different theory, one of cutting corners and running too fast with untied shoelaces. Having written…

Schedule Persistence and Other Improvements Land in Simple Shift Schedule

Ever found yourself creating a schedule and had the desire to take a break? Or wanted to reuse last week's schedule as a template for this week? Now You Can! Crunchy Owl released an update to simple shift schedule today that saves your schedule's state. Now, leaving the site, restarting…

Announcing: Simple Shift Schedule

Today Crunchy Owl announces a side-project that could be useful to anyone whose ever struggled to make a schedule for their small business, organization or department. Simple Shift Schedule is a dead-simple schedule creator for small businesses Check out the full post: Simple Shift Schedule…

Site Relaunch enters its third era this Easter morning - a fitting time perhaps. It wasn't long ago that the site was a static, hand-crafted piece of love. Now, however, Crunchy Owl is back with the power of Ghost! The site is certainly rough around the edges (NOTE: not all…